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Find Lost Money

In Your Uniform & Linen Rental

If you use a uniform rental company or a linen rental company to supply and clean your uniforms or linens, you may be losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year and not even know it. As a businessperson you know how crucial it is that you're getting everything you're paying for. Market research shows that nearly 20% of vendor Invoices contain errors and that 85% of those errors are not in your favor. In my professional opinion, I believe the percentage of these so called "errors" are 80% and nearly 100% are not in your favor.

I'll help you find this lost money so you can put it to your bottom line where it belongs. I'll also help you stop losing money on these services from now on.

I was in the uniform industry for over 18 years. My firm, Tommy Crossman Consulting, LLC, audits uniform rental services for companies that use them. I excel at identifying areas in which to save money, avoid hidden charges and improve the quality and efficiency of services. Auditing uniform rental invoices is a specialized skill that takes years of being "on the inside" to understand the terminology, codes, frequency and inventory. Many companies are using expense reduction services for their phone service and energy companies, your uniform company and linen company should be audited to reduce your expenses.

This Is More

Than Pocket Change

The money lost can be substantial - and not easy to find. Contracts and invoices are hard to understand, don't explain clearly what's included, can hit you with charges you did not expect, and rarely offer money-saving ideas.

You need someone "on the inside" who knows what to look for -- like the tricky terminology companies use to get you to pay more. Instead of going up every year, wouldn't you like your costs to actually go down? They can, I can pick apart your uniform and linen invoice and show you where you are wasting your money

It just makes sound financial sense to utilize an audit firm that specializes in the uniform rental industry.

Let's get started, every week you wait to have your uniform services audit is a weeks worth of profits that don't make it to your bottom line. For your personal one-on-one discussion about your current uniform rental and linen rental, please call me directly at 702.768.1975 or fill out the contact form and I'll contact you shortly.

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